Why We’re Here:

Making fully devoted followers of Christ

What We Value:

Values are what we stand on. They are the foundational blocks God supplies to build His church. Building on something that matters, that uniquely shows the purpose and personality of Jesus Christ – that’s enough to keep us up at night.


Truth over trends.

God’s Word trumps everything. Clearly communicating His Word comes first, trending comes second.


What’s lost over what’s found.

The urgency to reach those who don’t know Christ should be the life-blood of our church. We love our members, but we love spreading Christ more.


Growing relationships over getting results.

Who you are, and investing in who you are, holds more value than numbers on a page.


Serving over sitting

While we do like seeing our chairs filled, we love seeing members and guests investing in those inside and outside our walls.


Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by and devoted to prayer, teaching, and love.